Published: 2017-02-27

Helsinki's West Terminal 2 opens up

Ports & terminals Helsinki's West Terminal 2 opens up

(Photo: Port of Helsinki/Soili Rajamäki)

The facility features a brand-new EUR 45 mln worth 12,900 m2 big terminal building, as well as two new ship quays, of which one is equipped with a dual ramp and an automatic mooring system.

West Terminal 2 - the Port of Helsinki's largest investment of the decade, designed from the ground, completed one month ahead of the schedule, and 5% below the EUR 90 mln budget - will serve around 6-7 mln passengers per year, sailing to and from Tallinn on-board Tallink's and Eckerö Line ferries.

The new three disembarkation bridges terminal is designed for fast-scheduled traffic, with the nearest tram stop right next to its entrance, short to-ship walking distances, and a fast check-in system for those travelling with their cars. The terminal is also furnished with restaurants, cafés, and what's said to be the longest departure lounge bar in the Baltic.

The new quays are located just next to the terminal, too. One of them features an automatic ship mooring system as well as a dual ramp, thanks to which vehicles can be driven in and out of a ship on two levels simultaneously.

"West Terminal 2 is our way of meeting the needs of growing Helsinki-Tallinn traffic for the upcoming decades. The increased capacity and improved travel comfort provide the preconditions for continued growth. The flexibility of port operations in the centre of the city are of great importance to Helsinki and it's strongly growing tourism sector," Kimmo Mäki, Port of Helsinki's CEO, commented.

Margus Schults, Tallink Silja's Managing Director, added, "We want to offer our customers the most pleasant and convenient customer experience possible. This is why we have introduced a new ship, Megastar, on the Helsinki-Tallinn route in response to customers' wishes, and invested heavily in various digital customer service solutions. Even embarking is an important part of a trip, so this great new terminal and its shorter walking distances to ships will enhance our customer experience even further."

"Here at Eckerö Line, we want to provide our customers a breakaway from everyday routines, whether it's just for a few hours or for several days. The new West Terminal makes ship travel even more convenient and pleasant for both holiday and business travellers," Taru Keronen, Eckerö Line's Managing Director, summed up.

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