Published: 2020-03-13

Hirtshals v COVID-19

Ports & terminals Hirtshals v COVID-19

Photo: Port of Hirsthals

Following the government's decision to close the country to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Danish Port of Hirtshals has brought about a number of related adjustments.

Specifically, the entire port office has been closed to all outsiders, therefore, port guard can be reached by phone only.

Next, the Technical Service will be split into two teams working interchangeably, so as to provide at least a minimal level of port area service.

The port administration and management staff will work from home on Friday morning, i.e. on 13/03, thus it'll be only possible to reach them via e-mail or phone. Similarly, the port authority will postpone all scheduled meetings until further notice (the measures will stay in place till 29/03).

"As one of Denmark's major ports, Hirtshals is part of the country's critical infrastructure, which is why we are adapting our operations as well as ensuring the critical functions of the organization. This will enable us to service our customers at the highest possible level, while also meeting the government's goal of limiting the spread of coronavirus for the benefit of both the community and the port's employees," Jens Kirketerp Jensen, MD, the Port of Hirtshals, commented.

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