Published: 2017-09-25

Gdynia to extend its port toward the sea

Ports & terminals Gdynia to extend its port toward the sea

Photo: Port of Gdynia

The port authority has presented an initial vision of an outer harbour to be located outside the port's today breakwaters.

The new deep-water facility is planned as an extension of the Śląskie and Szwedzkie quays. The outer harbour is to comprise a container terminal, storage areas, and warehouses. Passenger ships are to be served there, too.

"Our plans are slowly but steadily taking shape within the Port Gdynia 2030 programme. Since this will be an enormous project, we'll be searching for an external investment partner. I hope that the entire venture will be finalised even in 10 years' time. Building the outer harbour, setting up a new turning basin, and deepening the port's inner waters along with the fairway, these are the key elements which will shape our port in the near future. Because of a lack of available lands, Gdynia has to reach toward the sea," Adam Meller, CEO, the Port of Gdynia, commented.



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