Published: 2020-03-26

Zeebrugge is 5G-ready

Technology Zeebrugge is 5G-ready

Photo: Nokia

Nokia completed phase of one if its 5G-ready, industrial-grade wireless network deployment at the Port of Zeebrugge. The company's Digital Automation Cloud platform will provide connectivity to over 100 endpoints across the entire port operations.

Zeebrugge will now be able to track, analyze and manage connected devices across multiple port-based applications in real time. It will unlock new path to innovation, related to the deployment of internet of things-based (IoT) solutions, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality and drones.

Currently, the network is being used for connectivity with tugboats, air pollution detectors, security cameras and quay sensors. Its high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity will also be leveraged during the upcoming construction of a new sea lock and during building and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Phase one has established increased automation in Zeebrugge's outer port area. Phase two, due for completion in mid-2020 will focus on the inner port.

Several external suppliers have also signed up to the network, which will be used by port-based companies for dispatching, connectivity with straddle carriers, track and trace systems and integrated communications.

The project has been delivered in close cooperation with Citymesh. It will continue to assist with end-to-end support and network commercialization.

Rick Goetinck, CEO, Port of Zeebrugge said, "Introduction of an advanced private wireless network will act as a beacon for our partners to develop and deliver new solutions right across the logistics value chain. Nokia, in close collaboration with local service provider Citymesh, has demonstrated outstanding 5G capabilities during platform deployment, making phase one a complete success."

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