Published: 2017-06-16

TILBURY2 under consultation

Ports & terminals TILBURY2 under consultation

Photo: Port of Tilbury

The Port of Tilbury will start formal statutory consultation, lasting from June 19th to July 28th, to seek views on expanding the port with a new harbour.

Opinions from local communities and other stakeholders will be gathered both during open events as well as through an online survey.

The deep water 152 acre (approx. 61 ha) big TILBURY2 is planned to be set up on the site of the former Tilbury Power Station, located close to the port's current areas. The new harbour is to feature a ro-ro terminal for handling unitized traffic (incl. containers). A facility for importing and processing bulk construction materials is likely to be established, too, along with storage yards for various goods, among them cars.

"The local communities have provided valuable feedback when we undertook informal consultation events in April. Our plan to create a new port in Tilbury is an exciting opportunity for not only the port and the local area but for our customers who are seeking more space to expand their own businesses. TILBURY2 has the potential to create jobs and support the expansion and growth of the Thurrock area," Peter Ward, Port of Tilbury's Commercial Director, commented.

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