Published: 2018-02-08

"Tesla of the canals" to set sail


Photo: The Guardian

What's said to be the world's first electric, and potentially also unmanned container barges will start plying between the ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam as of this August.

Each of the five 52 m long and 6.7 m wide barges, constructed by Port Liner, will be able to carry 24 TEU weighing up to a total of 425t.

They’ll be fitted with a power box with energy for about 15 hr of operations. In the future, six larger barges (110 m/270 container) will run on four battery boxes capable of providing 35 hr of autonomous navigation.

Although they are designed to operate without a crew, the barges will be manned during their first period of operation. Autonomous shipments will start once the proper infrastructure is erected along the inland waterways the barges serve.

About 23k trucks are expected to be removed from the roads as a result of deploying the barges.

Source: The Guardian 

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