Published: 2017-10-25

Teignmouth handled its record

Ports & terminals Teignmouth handled its record

Photo: Associated British Ports

Operated by Associated British Ports, the Port of Teignmouth celebrated a historic 4,000 tonne shipment on October 6th.

The tonnage-handling milestone, which marks the highest volume of cargo ever to be exported in a single shipment from the port during its history, was achieved in collaboration with Teignmouth Harbour Commission and ABP’s customer Sibelco.

The recordous ball clay's destination is the Castellon province in Spain. The rare mineral will be used in ceramics manufacturing and related industries. 

"The ongoing dredging campaign conducted by ABP and Teignmouth Harbour Commission have given us the opportunity to ship cargoes in vessels of 4,000 tonnes, which has afforded us much greater flexibility within our supply chain, whilst enabling us to keep pace with the growing demands of our customers," Chris Lownds, Sibelco Flow Manager UK, said.

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