Published: 2019-01-24

Tallink and TalTech team up to develop smart car deck solutions

Technology Tallink and TalTech team up to develop smart car deck solutions

Photo: Tallink

The ferry company and the university, both based in Tallinn, have started a two year-long €100k scientific collaboration, the aim of which is to develop technologies for making car deck operations more efficient.

Specifically, the project is tasked with increasing the efficiency of operations taking place across a ship's hold; decreasing the workforce needed when load- and unloading a vessel, thus making it possible to assign employees to other specialised duties; and reducing the waiting time for those em- or disembarking a ship.

"Our goal is to focus on three main topics during this development project. First, to automate the vehicle traffic flow. Second, make the utilisation of the hold more effective. Third, to guide the passenger with the vehicle to the right parking zone and guide passengers to the nearest exits," Paavo Nõgene, CEO, Tallink Grupp, explained.

He furthered, "The ports around the Baltic Sea have already developed or are currently developing several 'Smart Port' solutions for easier vehicle check-in, for directing traffic in ports, etc., all of which has enabled the ports to make the processes involving vehicles automated and thus more efficient. The Port of Tallinn with its solutions is no doubt one of the pioneers for these solutions in the region. Our ships are important partners and customers of the Baltic Sea ports and therefore it is only logical that alongside the smart ports we must also create smart ships."

"Our ambition is to be a partner for and a pioneer in developing smart solutions for the shipping industry both here in the Baltic Sea region as well as globally.  Our goal initially is to extend the Smart Port solutions used by Baltic Sea ports to the car decks on our vessels and I am certain that we will successfully develop such solutions over the next few years in partnership with TalTech," Nõgene concluded.

Jaak Aaviksoo, Rector, TalTech, also commented, "On the one hand, the Smart Car Deck is an extension of the Smart Port solutions and, on the other hand, it is a good example of how the results of scientific research achieved through the cooperation of TalTech and enterprises, can be applied in real life."

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