Published: 2018-06-05

SFPC receives a LHM 420

Technology SFPC receives a LHM 420

Photo: Liebherr

The Irish Shannon Foynes Port Company has taken in a brand-new Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane LHM 420.

The new machinery was manufactured in Liebherr's plant in the Port of Rostock and brought to Ireland fully assembled on board the heavy load carrier Papenburg.

On arrival in Foynes, the crane was driven off the vessel, ready to take up work the same day (traditionally, cranes were delivered in component form, requiring then a lengthy on-site assembly and testing programme which would occupy a large port area).

Foynes' new crane, featuring lifting capacity of 124t and a grab curve of 75t, will be chiefly used for handling dry bulk products; however, delicate cargo, e.g. wind turbine blades, can be also safely taken care of with the use of the LHM 420.

Due to the port's proximity to the town of Foynes, the new crane had to be near silent in operation. As such, additional sound proofing was installed to reduce noise emissions.

"We need efficient jetties but we also need efficient plant and machinery and this crane gives us all of that and more. This piece of equipment is future proofing the port. It's something we need for the here and now but it's also planning ahead. The greater lift capacity and reach it provides us with enables us to bring in new business. That means more ships, bigger ships and processing them with faster turnaround times. So it's an investment in our customers. And with the LHM 420's very low emissions and lower noise levels, its environmental footprint is minimised," Pat Keating, CEO, Shannon Foynes Port Company, said.

John Carlton, Engineering & Port Services Manager, Shannon Foynes Port Company, added, "The LHM 420 mobile harbour crane from Liebherr is the biggest crane we have ever had in the port. Its lifting capacity is just over double our existing capacity at 124 tonnes per single lift. It also has a grab curve of 75 tonnes, which is 45 percent larger than what we currently have. Everything about this crane is bigger, better, faster, stronger: it's a very significant piece of equipment for the port."

Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane LHM 420 handling wind turbines at the Shannon Foynes Port Company (photo: Liebherr)


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