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The Port of Tallinn is located by the Gulf of Finland, only 194 km from the Russian border and 80 km from the Finnish coast. After its vast restructuring in the mid-1990s Tallinn has been developed into the largest cargo and passenger port in Estonia and one of the top Baltic Sea harbours in terms of cargo turnover.

Port of Tallinn consists of five areas. The Old City Harbour and Old City Marina together create the oldest part of the port. Ro-ro vessels and passenger liners call the OCH, whereas the OCM is designed for recreational and pleasure crafts. Other passenger terminals are located in Saaremaa. Muuga is the biggest Estonian harbour and the deepest and most modern one in the BSR. Its cargo volumes account for 80% of Tallinn’s total handling and approx. 90% of Estonian transit cargo. The two uppermost groups of commodities are oil and oil products as well as dry bulk. Paljassaare Harbour specializes in handling break bulk cargo, coal and oil products, timber and perishables. Paldiski South Harbour has been transformed to handle vessels with rolling stock goods and all transit goods carried through Estonia.

A number of regular services connect Tallinn with destinations from all over the world, but most notably with Helsinki, creating an extremely busy route between two capital cities. Moreover, the port is a part of the North Sea- Baltic Corridor and is also accessible from land by Rail Baltica axis and E20, E67, E263 and E253 motorways.


L D B R C Muuga Harbour
L B R P Paldiski South Harbour
L D B Paljassaare Harbour
P Saaremaa Harbour
P Old City Harbour
Total port area: 1,815.8 ha
Land area: 775.4 ha
Of which rentable sites: ca 400 ha
Water depth: 18 m
Total quay length: 14.72 km
No. of quays: 76
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 28.30 mln tn 28.25 mln tn +0.2%
Dry bulk 2.79 mln tn 3.24 mln tn -13%
Liquids 18.93 mln tn 18.97 mln tn -0.2%
General cargo 6.58 mln tn 6.04 mln tn +8.9%
incl.  Containers 260,293 TEU 253,627 TEU +2.6%
 Ro-ro 4 mln tn 3.68 mln tn +8.6%
Pax 9.57 mln tn 9.24 mln tn 3.6%
Ship calls 6,865 6,865 0%


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