Szczecin-Świnoujście Port

Company name:

Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście SA


Bytomska 7 St.,
PL-70603 Szczecin,

+48 914308220 Szczecin-Świnoujście – rapidly growing first-choice import/export ports both for multinational corporations as well as for small-and-medium-sized enterprises on the shortest route between Scandinavia and Central Eastern Europe and on the crossroads of the West-East freight corridor.

The universal Szczecin-Świnoujście seaports, located in north-west Poland at the mouth of the Oder River, are some of the largest harbour facilities in the Baltic Sea region. Świnoujście offers dense direct traffic to/from Sweden thanks to Poland’s biggest ferry terminal; the port also specializes in turnover of various bulk goods, incl. iron, coal and agrobulk. Szczecin chiefly handles general cargo like containers (with regular southbound rail services), steel and forestry products, heavy lifts, but also takes care of dry (incl. coal, coke, grains and feedstuff) as well as liquid bulk cargo. Moreover, Szczecin-Świnoujście seaports are connected to inland waterways, enabling barge shipments (e.g. to the Berlin and Brandenburg regions). In 2013, Szczecin-Świnoujście seaport handled altogether nearly 23 mln tn.


The harbours are managed by the joint stock company Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, where the Polish State Treasury holds the majority stake. The land-lord Authority is responsible for managing the ports’ property and infrastructure, ensuring fairway navigability, masterminding and implementing development strategies (incl. obtaining land and real estates) as well as for all services related to the use of port infrastructure like waste water disposal.


L Baltchem
L Orlen Marine Termianal
L Oktan Energy & V/L Service
B C DB Port Szczecin
D B C Port Handlowy Szczecin
R Ferry Terminal Świnoujście
D Alfa
D Andreas
D B Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin
D Grain Silo EWA
D Hanza
D PZZ Szczecin
R P Ferry Terminal Świnoujście

Key strengths:

Strategic location on the shortest route from Scandinavia to central and southern Europe, from Finland and Russia to Germany, as well as conveniently located to serve the Berlin and Brandenburg regions

Serving all kinds of cargo via ship, road, rail and inland waterways

Very well-established ferry traffic with southern Sweden, strong general and bulk cargo handling offer

Brand-new Świnoujście outer port with new development opportunities to enrich your business

Large development areas available within both ports

Total port area 3,059 ha
Land area 1,431 ha
Of which rentable sites 160 ha
Water depth Szczecin - 9.15 m; Świnoujście 13.2 m
Total quay length 12,842.5 m
No. of quays 66
  2015 2014 YOY 2015/2014
TOTAL 23.2 mln tn 23.4 mln tn -0.9%
Dry bulk 9.34 mln tn 10.72 mln tn -12.9%
Liquids 2.56 mln tn 2.33 mln tn +9.9%
General cargo 11.27 mln tn 10.34 mln tn +9.0%
Containers 87.78 thou. TEU 78.44 thou. tn +11.9%
Pax 981.92 thou.1 903.71 thou.2 +8.7%

1incl. truck drivers

2excl. truck drivers


President of the Board: Zbigniew Miklewicz, tel. +48 91 43 08 222, e-mail:

Vice President, Infrastructure and Supervision over Port Assets Affairs: Krzysztof Sadowski, tel. +48 91 43 08 431, e-mail:

Vice President, Economic and Financial Affairs: Paweł Adamarek, tel. +48 91 43 08 770, e-mail: ;


Commercial and Marketing Director: Aneta Szreder-Piernicka, tel. +48 91 43 08 242, e-mail: ;

Commercial and Marketing Manager: Jacek Wójcikiewicz, tel. +48 91 43 08 332, e-mail:





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