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Port of Riga


12 O. Kalpaka blvd.
LV-1010 Riga

+371 67030800 Port of Riga - the most efficient way to link the Europe to the CIS and Asia

The Port of Riga is an important hub of freight transportation corridor that links goods’ production and consumption markets in the EU and the CIS countries. The Port of Riga is strategically connected to the TEN-T road and rail network, as well as to the European Motorways of the Sea, providing efficient use of different modes of freight within transport chain as well as cost optimization. Shorter distance advantages of Riga compared to the neighbouring ports ensure the best conditions for development of economic relations. Latvian border with Russia and Belarus is a major factor for development of sustainable and mutually beneficial business relations.

The Freeport of Riga is a multifunctional port, it is ready to handle all types of cargo from various regions. In 2013 cargo turnover at the port reached 35.5 million tons.

By throughput of cargo Riga is the largest Latvian and the Baltic States port, handling approximately one fifth of the region’s total cargo turnover.
The Freeport of Riga offers year round navigation.


D Alpha Osta, Ltd
C Baltic Container Terminal, Ltd
B Baltmarine Terminal, Ltd
L B.L.B. Baltijas Terminals, JSC
D B Extron Baltic, Ltd
D B Freja, Ltd
D B Jaunmilgravja Ostas Kompanija, Ltd
D B JP Terminal, Ltd
D B KS Terminal, Ltd
D Lacon, Ltd
L Latvia Propan Gas, JSC
D B Port Magnat, Ltd
D B Port Milgravis, Ltd
L T2 Terminal, Ltd
D B Man-Tess Tranzits, Ltd
D MT Osta, Ltd
L Naftimpeks, Ltd
L Neste Latvija, Ltd
D B Osta Lejasvoleri, Ltd
L Ovi, Ltd
D Riga Bulk Terminal, Ltd
D B C Riga Central Terminal, Ltd
D Riga Fertilizer Terminal, Ltd
D B Rīgas Ostas Elevators, JSC
R P Riga Passenger Terminal, Ltd
D B C Rīgas Universālais Termināls, Ltd
D B P&B Port, Ltd
B Starts-Rīga, JSC
L Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvija, Ltd
D Strek, Ltd
D B Termināls Vecmīlgrāvis, Ltd
B Vega Stividors, Ltd
L VL Bunkering, Ltd
L Woodison Terminal, Ltd
D B WT Terminal, Ltd

Key strengths:

Business competence in the trasportation of cargo between the EU and Russia/CIS

Multifunctional port with modern infrastructure

High quality services

Proffesional port management

Total port area: 6,348 ha
Land area: 1,962 ha
Of which rentable sites: 445 ha
Water depth: 16.0 m
Total quay length: 3.08 km
No. of quays: 2
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 41.08 mln tn 35.47 mln tn +15.8%
Dry bulk 23.72 mln tn 21.57 mln tn +10%
Liquids 10.28 mln tn 7.11 mln tn +44.6%
General cargo 7.07 mln tn 6.78 mln tn +4.3%
incl.  Containers 387,603 TEU 381,099 TEU +1.7%
 Ro-ro 92,315 cargo units 111,068 cargo units -16.9%
Pax 737,865 837,665 -11.9%
Ship calls 3,797 3,850 -1.4%

Mr. Edgars Suna

Freeport of Riga Authority

Director of Marketing Department

Tel : +371 67030843


The Freeport of Riga offers space for the new business activities providing long term lease of land on attractive terms (up to 45 years), flexible and competitive port tariffs and dues system. Special Economic zone (Free zone) status offers opportunity to apply for different tax reduction set by a special law. 

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