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Autorità Portuale di Palermo


Via Piano Dell'Ucciardone
90139 Palermo

+34 956 64 69 07

The Italian Port of Palermo is located in the northern part of the Sicily island at the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has 17 commercial quays with 3,700 m of total length and waters deep ranging 8-15 m.

Palermo's terminals handle a variety of goods such as oils, petroleum products, iron materials, deep-frozen goods, cereals, alcohols, wines, vegetable fats as well as containers and ro-ro cargo. The 150,000 m2 container terminal of 120,000 TEU capacity per year can receive vessels up to 300 m in length. The Silos Granari della Sicilia handles cereals in 22 cells of 27,000 tn total capacity. The Magazzini Generali offers 13,000 m2 of open storage for vehicles and containers together with 7,000 m2 of the tank storage (up to 10,000 tn capacity). There is also a bunkering plant for oil fuel and other oil products with underground tanks of 9,000 m3 capacity in total. Additionally, Palermo handles pax traffic (1.82 mln travellers in 2014) in its modern Passenger Maritime Station.

Currently, the port authority is working on the 2014-2016 Operational Plan, incl. the reconstruction of port's berths to receive vessels up to 400,000 dwt, extending Palermo's commercial area to 8,000 m2 as well as the modernization of Saint Lucia Pier to enhance stevedoring of ro-ro cargo. Additionally, the double-pipe tunnel connecting the port with Palermo's motorway is to be constructed in order to drive heavy load traffic away from the city.


C Portitalia s.r.l.
Total port area n/a
Land area n/a
Of which rentable sites n/a
Water depth 8-12 m
Total quay length 3,366 m
No. of quays 11
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 6.53 mln tn 6.51 mln tn +0.3%
Dry bulk 318.27 thou. tn 194.63 thou. tn +63.5%
Liquids 745.56 thou. tn 711.32 thou. tn +4.8%
General cargo 5.47 mln tn 5.6 mln tn -2.3%
incl.  Containers 14.34 thou. TEU 20.65 thou. TEU -30.5%
 Ro-ro 5.31 mln 5.4 mln tn -1.7%
Pax 1.82 mln 1.63 mln +11,7%
Ship calls 7.67 thou. 7.56 thou. +1,5%
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