Lübeck Port

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Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH


Zum Hafenplatz
DE-23570 Lübeck

+49 (4502) 807-0

Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG) runs the public ports of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and is Germany's largest port operator on the Baltic Sea. The port is the furthermost south-western transhipment hub located on the Baltic Sea coast and with its dense network of liner services to the region, acts as a central turntable for the traffic between the traditional economic metropolis in west/central Europe and the fast developing BSR countries.

The port's location offers high-class hinterland connections: the three-lane A1 motorway in the direction of Hamburg connects Lübeck with the main economic centres of Europe. The rail network offers high efficiency both in carload and combined traffic. In addition, the Elbe-Lübeck-Canal provides a link to the European inland waterways network.

Tailor-made logistics systems guarantee optimum service for clients 365 days per year. The real strength of Lübeck lies in its ro-ro traffic: fast cargo, rolling on and off the vessels by truck, cassettes or railway wagons. Last year the port handled 720,000 truck and trailer units and 111,000 new cars. Also, with more than 117,000 TEU last year, Lübeck is the largest German container port located directly on the Baltic Sea. Additionally, the port offers all advantages of a logistics centre, with the highest level of quality and know-how, especially concerning forest products such as paper and pulp.

Lübeck is the largest transhipment and distribution centre for the Swedish and Finnish paper industry in Europe. Four million tonnes of forest products were handled in Lübeck in 2013. Additionally, Lübeck is among Europe's largest ferry destinations. In 2013 around 795,000 passengers used ferry connections to/from the port (incl. 372 thou. truck drivers).

Today, LHG (founded on 31 December, 1934) is owned by the City of Lübeck (74.9%) and RREEF PAN-EUROPEAN INFRASTRUCTURE TWO LUX S.á r.l. (25.1%), providing jobs for about 1,000 employees.


B R C P Skandinavienkai
B R C Seelandkai
B R C Nordlandkai
B R C Schlutup
Total port area 155 ha
Land area 155 ha
Of which rentable sites n/a
Water depth 9.5 m
Total quay length 4.2 km
No. of quays 18
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 26.38 mln tn 26.04 mln tn +1.3%
Dry bulk - - -
Liquids - - -
General cargo 25.36 mln tn n/a n/a
incl. Containers 147.25 thou. TEU 132.74 thou. TEU +10.9%
Ro-ro 15.57 mln tn 15.58 mln tn -0.02%
Pax 397.15 thou. 395.48 thou. +0.4%
Ship calls 9,047 4,000 +44.2%
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