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Grenland Havn IKS


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Grenland Havn (Port of Grenland Authority) is the main port of the Telemark county located on the Skagerrak strait in southeastern Norway and administrates four harbours - in Brevik, Langesund, Porsgrunn and Skien.

The port is able to handle almost all types of goods, including general cargo, dry bulk and liquids. The port's facilities are able to handle vessels up to 150,000 DWT. In terms of volumes, Grenland Havn is one of the largest ports in Norway with its 2011 total turnover of 10.1 mln tonnes (2% increase from 2010). The first half of 2012 brought also a significant 38% increase in container handlings. Grenland Havn offers regular lo-lo connections European hubs in Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Hamburg, as well as ro-ro links to Immingham, Ghent and Gothenburg. Grenland Havn is also well connected to railway network and provides easy access to international roads network.

The harbour in Brevik's operations are focused mainly at the container NorthSea Terminal. Meanwhile, it also features a coal terminal with length of 200 m and depth of 15 m as well as one of the biggest ro-ro facility in Norway (quay length of 180 m, depth of 10 m, two 32 m wide ro-ro ramps, railway line down to the quay and outdoor storage space: 100,000 sqm).

Langesund is the main ferry terminal with quay length of 180 m, depth of 8 m, a hydraulic ramp (27m wide). Porsgrunn features three quays from 150 to 230 m length, and 6.7- 9.7 m depth, plus storage space of 1,750 sqm. Skien specializes in general cargo and dry bulk goods offering two quays (length of 135 and 165 m, depth of 9.5 m) as well as a ro-ro ramp (30m wide) with available warehouse space of 9,400 (and 2,450 sqm isolated) and outdoor storage space of 100,000 sqm.


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