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Ghent Port Company


John Kennedylaan 32 - Haven 3000A
B-9042 Ghent

+ 32 9 2510550

The port of Ghent is situated at the far end of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal (at 32 km from the Terneuzen locks), which connects the harbour to the North Sea via the Western Scheldt. It is the third busiest port in Belgium with annual cargo throughput of 48 mln tn.

Thanks to its location, Ghent handles seagoing as well as inland vessels. The most significant trading partners for the port are Sweden (3 mln tn of roro traffic), Russia (2.3 mln tn of steel) and Brazil (2 mln of iron ore and fruit juice). In 2013, the cargo volumes of crude minerals and building materials as well as fertilizers and ores have risen to 16.4 mln tn (63% of all freight), making Ghent the biggest dry bulk harbour in the country.

The port can be reached from the land by rail or by the E17, E34 and E40 motorways. Inland navigation provides access to Northern France as well as Rhine-Main-Danube network. Additionally, regular short sea shipping lines connect Ghent with the Mediterranean, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States.


B ArcelorMittal Steelworks
D EURO-SILO Rodenhuizedok, Sifferdok
D B R Euroports Terminal Ghent
L Gadot Chemical Terminal
D Ghent Coal Terminal
C Ghent Container Terminal
L D Ghent Transport & Storage
L Kluizendok Tank Terminal
L Oiltanking Ghent
D Sea Invest
L Sea-Tank Terminal
D B Stukwerkers
L TankTerminal Gent
Total port area: 4,648 ha
Land area: 4,025 ha
Of which rentable sites: 660 ha
Water depth: 13.5 m
Total quay length: 27 km
No. of quays: n/a
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 25.89 mln tn 25.96 mln tn -0.3%
Dry bulk 16.74 mln tn 16.37 mln tn +2.3%
Liquids 3.41 mln tn 3.87 mln tn -11.9%
General cargo 5.74 mln tn 5.72 mln tn +0.3%
incl. Containers 36,800 TEU 70,228 TEU -47.6%
Ro-ro 5.32 mln tn 5.13 mln tn +3.7%
Pax - - -
Ship calls 5.79 mln 5.87 mln -1.4%


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