Civitavecchia Port (Rome Port)

Company name:

Port Authority of Civitavecchia


Molo Vespucci
00053 Civitavecchia

+39 0766 366201

In 2003, Civitavecchia joined the ports of Fiumicino and Gaeta to form what's known today as the Port of Rome, serving not only Italy's three mln consumer capital, but also the regions of Campania, Umbria, Toscany and Marche.

Although Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta function as a single port under one authority, each of them has own specialization. The 16 m deep Civitavecchia port - offering 23 pax berths for 40-100 m long yachts, 26 freight wharfs and an area of 2 mln m2 - is Rome's pax traffic hotspot, but handling also liquids, coal, metals, cement, minerals, fertilized and chemicals as well as a substantial volumes of container and ro-ro cargo. Port of Fiumicino specializes solely in liquids (chiefly petroleum products), while the 12 m deep Gaeta offers transhipment of similar goods to those of Civitavecchia, however, excluding boxes and ro-ro.

Currently, the port authority is focused on finishing the 2013-2015 development plan, due to which the Civitavecchia's 25th wharf will be turned into a container terminal (700,000 TEU annually in the future), a passenger terminal will be built in Fiumicino, not to mention the overall improvements of ports' and city's transport infrastructure.


Total port area 2 km2
Land area n/a
Of which rentable sites n/a
Water depth 16 m
Total quay length 1 km
No. of quays 23


  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 10.87 mln tn 10.77 mln tn +0.9%
Dry bulk 5.38 mln tn 5.23 mln tn +2.8%
Liquids 963.76 thou. tn 1.06 mln tn -9.4%
General cargo 4.53 mln tn 4.48 mln tn +1.1%
incl.  Containers 64.39 thou. TEU 54.02 thou. TEU +19.2%
 Ro-ro 3.95 mln tn 4.01 mln tn -1.5%
Pax 1.47 mln 1.5 mln -1.5%
Ship calls 2.76 thou. 2.98 thou. -7.4%
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