Published: 2017-10-12

Phoenix lighting for Los Angeles

Ports & terminals Phoenix lighting for Los Angeles

Photo: Phoenix Lighting

The West Coast Terminal in the Port of Los Angeles chose Milwaukee-based Phoenix Lighting to design and supply LED illumination for 10 raised by 10 meters ship-to-shore cranes.

The terminal chose to upgrade the floodlighting system to Phoenix EcoMod® LED. In addition to better lighting, the EcoMod® floodlights provide a 60% energy savings compared to the previous traditional system.

Three of the 10 cranes are currently completed and are now said to be of the tallest in North America. Phoenix worked closely with ZPMC Services North America and the terminal engineers to deliver 52 fixtures per crane with customized optics and brackets. The mounting locations were at heights of 60, 54, and 16 meters, and the design was completed using two different optical arrangements. 


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