Published: 2020-08-11

Paperless container exports at FCT

Technology Paperless container exports at FCT

Photo: Global Ports

Global Ports' First Container Terminal (FCT), operating in the Port of St. Petersburg, has become the country's first to use a fully digital management system for export containers.

The technology, embedded in Global Ports' customer portal, makes it possible for freight forwarders to digitally exchange legally binding documents with the customs authorities. This enables FCT to commence container vessel loading without additional approval.

Forwarders, customs, the terminal operator, and shipping lines have online access to information on what's happening with a container at all stages of the export process.

Global Ports plans to roll out the system throughout the rest of its terminals in Russia by end-year. The company also wants to include shipping lines' functionalities into the system.

"[...] Shipment orders remained the last 'paper' element in export shipments. Due to our efficient interaction with customs, we have now made this document digital as well. Now, an export shipment may be ordered and traced on our customer portal. The technology we use guarantees data protection and integrity of data after it is entered into the electronic document flow system," Alexey Yermolin, Director of Information Technology, Global Ports, noted.


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