Published: 2018-06-26

OT Logistics' new grain silo

Ports & terminals OT Logistics' new grain silo

Photo: OT Logistics

With the contribution of the Port of Szczecin-Świnoujście, which put in place the necessary port infrastructure, the Polish company has completed the €10.9m investment.

Erected in the Port of Świnoujście on the Chemików Quay on land leased by OT Port Świnoujście, one of the OT's subsidiaries, the 12.5k m2-big storage is able to accommodate up to 110k m3/85kt of agro products. There are two 500t/hr unloading stations at the facility, for rail wagons and trucks, as well as a 700t/hr truck loading station.

In order to limit dusting, apart from installing modern dust absorbing equipment, trees were planted at the border between OT's terminal and the nearby Gerharda coastal fort, a tourist attraction.

Setting up the silo ends the company's first phase of establishing an agro terminal in Świnoujście. Earlier, a 4.0k m2-big 17kt capacity grain storage was built, whereas in the future two 1,000t/hr conveyor belts will be added. As a result, it will be possible to load ships at a daily rate of 25-30kt.

OT Logistics' new grain silo in the Port of Świnoujście (photo: OT Logistics)


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