Published: 2017-08-01

NTB upgraded to Navis N4

Technology NTB upgraded to Navis N4

Photo: North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven (NTB) went live with Navis N4 3.1 terminal operating system.

Beginning in November 2015, the 15-person NTB project team worked jointly with Navis to migrate the SPARCS 3.7 and Express 2.9 systems to N4 piece-by-piece, focusing on the core system first, followed by the surrounding applications and systems, as well as thorough testing throughout each phase to ensure the system would perform optimally during the go-live. 

"N4 is the most advanced and widely-used terminal system on the market, we never considered another provider when tasked with migrating from Navis SPARCS and Express. The reliability, scalability and upgradability of N4, combined with its superior functionality, data quality and advanced analytics capabilities, will enable us to take NTB operations and performance to the next-level. This is a necessary investment that will allow us to perform competitively and deliver on evolving market needs in the decades to come," Marc Dieterich, General Manager Operations, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven, commented. 


Guenter Schmidmeir, Vice President & General Manager, EMEA, Navis, added; "The level of preparedness and attention-to-detail demonstrated by the NTB project team was incredible, and contributed to our collective ability to complete the migration successfully, maintain existing productivity levels, and hit the essential May 1st cut-over date for the new system. We are thrilled to see our customer of almost two decades cross this important milestone and are confident they will soon begin to experience all of the benefits a more modern platform like N4 has to offer."


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