Published: 2018-05-22

New kombi shuttle between Baltic Germany and the Czech Republic

European Transport Maps New kombi shuttle between Baltic Germany and the Czech Republic

Photo: Baltic Rail Gate

ECL and DSV Road have set up a new rail service for containers and trailers that runs between the Port of Lübeck's Baltic Rail Gate intermodal terminal and Zaječí in the South Moravian Region.

ECL expects to transport some 7,000 units during the first 12 months of operating the Moravia Shuttle. According to the company's press release, these Scandinavia-Germany-Central Europe volumes were up-to-date mostly routed via Poland.

The initial frequency of two departures is to be doubled early next year.

"Our Czech partners have specially prepared the terminal in Zaječí for this connection. Until recently, only steel was handled here," Tobias Behncke, responsible for ECL's intermodal division, said.

Christian Gerdtsson, Deputy Managing Director, DSV Road AB, added, "We do always look at alternatives for reducing the environmental impact, and this intermodal solution will also help in the current market situation with high demand for transports and limited capacity in some areas due to lack of drivers."

Baltic Rail Gate intermodal terminal in the Port of Lübeck (photo: Baltic Rail Gate)


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