Published: 2018-11-29

Navis and COSCO create a joint Center of Excellence

Technology Navis and COSCO create a joint Center of Excellence

Photo: COSCO Shipping Ports

The Center (CoE) will deliver dedicated resources from both parties for the implementation of Navis' N4 terminal operating system (TOS) across COSCO Shipping Ports' (CSP) facilities as well as support ongoing optimisation initiatives of the Chinese company.

The CoE model is a long-term engagement between Navis and CSP aimed at enabling the latter to implement the projects themselves, shortening the timeline to deliver services through dedicated, on-site, and remote resources. Over time, the CoE will transfer tasks currently executed on-site in projects to be performed remotely, incl. base configuration, test support, automated testing, code extensions, etc.

Key areas supported by the CoE include Content Governance (define and use of a CSP standard delivery methodology and tools; this area will be based on Navis' methodology and adapted to support CSP strategy); Platform Management (deploy N4 as the sole standard TOS across the CSP portfolio and fully automate business process testing of software releases against CSP requirements); IT Landscape (define the CSP IT landscape and explore the use of multi-facility setup for small terminals without on-premise hardware); Knowledge and Skills Management (training based on Navis STACK Academy with CSP curriculum and certification to build up a team of N4 experts within CSP); and Change Management (support CSP in the change to Navis as the singular TOS solution; support will also oversee organizational and operational change management).

The new partnership builds on a previous deal, as earlier this year CSP entered into a subscription agreement with Navis to implement the N4 TOS across its network (269 berths in 38 ports worldwide, of which 179 are for handling containers). The CoE is organized to deliver several projects, regardless of terminal type (greenfield, semi-automated, automated), in parallel as CSP facilities migrate to N4.

"Joining forces with COSCO Shipping Ports is the latest in a string of strategic partnerships for Navis with innovative terminals committed to cutting-edge technology and is a logical next step stemming from our subscription agreement earlier this year. As CSP works to bring its full network of terminals onboard N4, our dedicated teams, both at the CoE and regional level, will be there every step of the way to ensure smooth transitions and substantially improve implementation timelines. CSPs customers will now have access to a global team of Navis experts, dedicated to helping them get the most out of our software to achieve operational excellence," Bruce Jacquemard, Chief Customer Officer, Navis, commented.

Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, COSCO Shipping Ports, added, "Our partnership with Navis and the CoE is critical for the multi-facility setup of N4 that is already underway - providing one central solution for all terminals within our corporate infrastructure. With Navis' help, we'll create a standardized delivery method, based on their years of experience as the leading TOS in the market and key takeaways from the hundreds of N4 implementations that they have successfully executed. With a scalable and repeatable approach, global experience backing the CoE and supplemental regional teams, CSP is well positioned to bring N4 live across our network and improve overall operational efficiency."
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