Published: 2017-01-30

Megastar set sails

Technology Megastar set sails

Photo: Tallink

On January 29th, Tallink's brand-new dual-fuel (LNG) ferry Megastar departed for her first commercial sailing, leaving Tallinn for Helsinki at 13:30 local time.

The EUR 230 mln worth GT 49,000, 212 m long, and 27 knots fast ro-pax - whose Grandmother is Finland's President, Tarja Halonen - replaced the ferry Superstar on the Hel-Tal route, offering space for 2,800 passengers, as well as around 2,000 lane metres for pax cars and cargo units (featuring two-level loading, enabling passenger vehicles and large freight units to enter and exit from different levels).

There are four different travel classes on-board Megastar - the standard Star Class, upgraded Comfort Class, exclusive Business Lounge, and a new area called the Sitting Lounge. Additionally, there's the two-deck 2,800 m2 big Traveller Superstore shopping area, as well as seven restaurants, cafés and bars. A special area with a kids playroom is available, too, while there's also a pet kennel on the garage level.

"The ship is really shaped by our passengers, crew members, the Baltic Sea with its fragile environmental matters and sailing conditions, and our own experience as operators. We are excited to introduce her to the wider public and are also glad to apply several equal upgrades also to her companion on the route - Star," Janek Stalmeister, Tallink Grupp's CEO, commented.

Megastar was constructed with the help of EU funds from the Connecting Europe Facility's Motorways of the Sea programme within the EUR 97.6 mln TWIN-PORT 2 project, carried out jointly with the ports of Tallinn and Helsinki. Tallink's contribution to this project amounted to EUR 16.0 mln, out of which EUR 4.8 mln came from the EU.

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