Published: 2017-02-22

Kongsberg Maritime's virtual classrooms

Technology Kongsberg Maritime's virtual classrooms

Photo: Kongsberg

The Norwegian company has presented a new solution aimed at reducing the time and costs of trainings.

The so-called Remote Training uses a live video link between instructors and students integrated with dynamic on-screen presentations, emulated system software, and assessment tools.

Pre-course remote training preparation modules are already available for dynamic positioning (DP) operators and engineers taking DP Awareness Course and type specific familiarisation, position mooring, seismic track and maintenance courses for K-Pos DP range. For automation students, remote training modules are available for several K-Chief 700 courses including Step 1, Step 1 – LNG and K-Chief 700 for bridge personnel, in addition to the K-Chief 600 basic course.

Remote training is also now available for preparation for the K-Fleet Marine Fleet Management Software course and will be developed further for other courses offered by Kongsberg Maritime’s training division. Additionally, virtual classroom-based remote training presents an efficient way to provide familiarisation and refresher training for crews on new or upgraded software.

With the virtual classroom method, course participants can build a knowledge platform through system introduction, system navigation, alarm and message system familiarisation, in addition to the basic theory, and prior to joining the course at Kongsberg Maritime global training centre, at customer’s premises, or on a ship. Built-in pre-course assessment ensures that all participants attend the actual course with the same high level system understanding, grasping the relevant basics. This in turn enables Kongsberg Maritime to optimise its courses, resulting in reduced time and travel costs for customers.

“Our new virtual classroom solution is a complete and integrated remote training offering that enables our instructors to conduct live sessions with course participants prior to them attending the course. By teaching and assessing knowledge and competence levels at the preparation phase we are aiming to reduce the time needed at training centres, which can save customers both time and money,” Eirik Hågensen, Vice President Studies and Training, Kongsberg Maritime, said.

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