Published: 2018-07-05

Konecranes sells to Italy

Technology Konecranes sells to Italy

Photo: Konecranes

The Finnish manufacturer of port handling equipment recently delivered its mobile harbour cranes to two Italian terminals.

First, the Civitavecchia Fruit & Forest Terminal (CFFT) got hold of a brand-new diesel-electric Gottwald Model 5 Mobile Harbor Crane as well as a used one. The former is a two-rope machine that has a maximum lifting capacity of 125t and an outreach of 51 m. The latter is able to lift 150t and also has a 51 m max outreach.

The Model 5 includes a number of smart features for assisted crane motions and working range limitation, including the lifting height limiting and landside lowering functions. In addition, the customer and Konecranes' service team can gain access to the crane's operating and diagnostics data remotely 24/7 without interrupting crane operations.

"Our long-term strategy foresees the successive expansion of our infrastructure to strengthen our position as a leading terminal for importing bananas and pineapples to Italy. As the backbone of this infrastructure, we have now opted for an impressive solution based on a new and a used crane from Konecranes. The benefits include immediate availability of the cranes, which will lead to improved quayside handling capacity in the short-term," Steven Clerckx, Managing Director, CFFT.

Second, a diesel-electric Gottwald Model 2 Mobile Harbor Crane has been delivered to Brindisi, where it will be used for handling coal. The machine comes in the G HMK 2304 two-rope motor grab variant. The crane can lift up to 80t, has a motor grab curve of 32t, and a 40 m max outreach.

"We won a tender to provide a coal-fired power plant in Brindisi with imported coal and have taken the opportunity to launch our own handling activity in the Port of Brindisi. The Model 2 crane will play a key role in the supply chain from bulk vessels to the power station, as it will ensure productive and reliable handling of inbound coal in the long term. Thanks to its outstanding versatility, it can also load and unload general cargo and containers when needed. We have therefore opted for a crane we can grow with," Antonio Roma, Managing Director and owner, SIR.

Gino Gherri, Regional Sales Manager, Konecranes Port Solutions, added, "Italy is a very important market for the entire range of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes, and has diverse operator needs. On one hand, existing and new customers are currently investing in larger cranes to comply with the increasing demand for loading and unloading bigger container vessels. On the other hand, SIR is an excellent example of how we can also provide other terminals, including multi-purpose and bulk terminals, with handling equipment that perfectly meets their particular needs. Like our larger cranes, the Model 2 crane was developed for versatile use in terminals of every kind and size."

SIR's diesel-electric Gottwald Model 2 Mobile Harbor Crane (photo: Konecranes)


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