Published: 2017-02-08

Karlshamn to handle Nord Stream's 2 pipes

Ports & terminals Karlshamn to handle Nord Stream's 2 pipes

Photo: Port of Karlshamn

The Swedish port will soon cut a deal with the Dutch Wasco Coatings Europe for storing pipes to be used for the set-up of the second underwater pipeline of Nord Stream.

Pipes will be manufactured by the Mülheim an der Ruhr-based Europipe, from where they will be first transported to the German Baltic Mukran Port (where they will also receive an external concrete coating), and then to the Port of Karlshamn for storage and further shipment onto the construction site. According to initial plans, first pipes from Germany are to arrive in Karlshamn by this year's end. The Swiss company Allseas Group will take care of the transportation process.

Karlshamn-Nord Stream 2 pipe storing deal will last two years, generating an income of approx. SEK 100 mln (ca. EUR 10.6 mln) for the Swedish harbour, which in turn will hire 50-60 new employees during this period to handle the project.

"We are naturally glad to carry out this project, an important one for our port's development, both in the short- and long term," Mats Olsson, Port of Karlshamn's CEO, said.

Mats also added, "We are a commercial seaport, and as such have no authority over national security policy. Nonetheless, we have taken into consideration the Swedish Government's standpoint, and have put forward facts on our port, as well as on the current logistics business environment as best as possible. It was in turn good to hear that these facts convinced the Cabinet to realize that this particular deal fits our port’s logistics portfolio."

"Doing business in a commercial port is based on open borders, free trade, and cooperation with other countries. Doing so lies in a port's DNA," Mats concluded.

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