Published: 2017-10-10

Kalmar-BMT Pacific deal

Ports & terminals Kalmar-BMT Pacific deal

Photo: Kalmar

The Finnish company will supply a river terminal in Chao Phraya, owned by BTM Pacific, with four SmarPower RTG cranes.

The eight wheels machines will be six + one rows wide, and one-over-five high. They will feature variable speed diesel engines as well as Bromma's light-weight YSX40E all-electric crane spreaders. The lifting capacity under the spreader will be 40 tonnes. 

SmartPower RTG crane offers an environmentally sustainable solution through its fuel saving capability and fully electric design. Thanks to its significantly smaller diesel engine and intelligent power management system it uses up to 10 litres less fuel per hour than most of the diesel RTGs. 

"The deal is another example of the seamless cooperation between BMT Pacific and Kalmar, which is further accelerating our competitiveness in the industry. Kalmar has supported our development with exceptional services throughout the years, and that gives us complete confidence to focus on our business growth," Rangsant Tonchanachai, General Manager, BMT Pacific, said.   

Teo Yew Boon, Vice President, Kalmar South and Southeast Asia, added, "This order confirms BMT Pacific's commitment to further enhance our long term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We're happy to continue supporting them in their path towards sustainable growth."


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