Published: 2017-06-28

Europe's first LNG bunkering pontoon

Ports & terminals Europe's first LNG bunkering pontoon

Photo: Titan LNG

Titan LNG will build the FlexFueler1, an Liquefied Natural Gas bunker delivery point stationed in the Port of Amsterdam, which will chiefly serve barges and small seagoing vessels.

The pontoon, to be operational from 2018's third quarter, will be initially outfitted with two 380 m3 tanks, delivering LNG at the speed of 30-600 m3/hour, with an option for adding two more in line with potential increase in market demand across the so-called ARA region (apart from Amsterdam, also encompassing Rotterdam and Antwerp).

Titan LNG has received several enquiries for FlexFuelers in other regions, which are currently being assessed.

"The FlexFueler concept is the logical evolution from the truck-to-ship bunkering that Titan LNG carries out on a regular basis. We have a strong track record of making truck-to-ship as efficient as possible, but it is still far from optimal for a vessel owner because of the associated downtime. Our recently launched T-piece truck-to-ship operation, which allows for two trucks to discharge at the same time, already reduces the downtime. However, the FlexFueler represents a solution that resembles conventional bunkering practices, which is what the market demands," Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine at Titan LNG, commented.

He also said, "Revisions to IMO Annex VI will see the sulphur content of fuels burned limited to a maximum of 0.5% from 2020 on a global basis to reduce SOx emissions. For vessels operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs), like the North and Baltic Seas, an even lower percentage of 0.1% is applicable already today. This impending regulation has triggered increasing interest from ship-owners and operators seeking cleaner, compliant, and cost-effective fuels. LNG meets all IMO Annex VI SOx emissions standards from 2020, while greatly reducing levels of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter."

Titan LNG's LNG bunkering pontoon


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