Published: 2020-04-27

Dunkirk port community joins the Smart Port movement

Technology Dunkirk port community joins the Smart Port movement

Photo: Port of Dunkirk

C.C.S. Hauts-de-France (C.C.S. Hdf), owned by Union Maritime et Commerciale, which represents the Dunkirk port community, has chosen the Ci5 cargo community system (CCS) for managing its goods flows. The solution will be provided by MGI on basis of a five-year renewable contract.

Ci5 is a CCS built on modern architecture and open source technologies. It incorporates innovations stemming from Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Container solutions.

First step of the implementation has been scheduled for the beginning of October 2020 and will see all goods processed in Ci5. In order to make it possible, MGI and C.C.S. Hdf staffs need to migrate the current AP+ system to the new system.

MGI's training team will prepare over 200 Dunkirk users for working with the new solution over a three-week period starting in September 2020. Shipping agents, freight forwarders, transport companies, terminal operators, customs and the port authority will be supported by a MGI project team throughout the deployment and operation of Ci5.

To meet the requirements of the Dunkirk port community, the scope of Ci5 has been extended to include actions such as consolidation, deconsolidation, dock stuffing and bulk management. Users will be interconnected with the harbour master's TIMAD system for declaring dangerous goods for export. All functionalities will be operational for launch at the beginning of October 2020.

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