Published: 2017-03-30

Damen Shipyards Galati delivers a W2W SOV

Technology Damen Shipyards Galati delivers a W2W SOV

Photo: Damen Shipyards

Bibby Marine Services has received its Walk-to-Work (W2W) Service Operations Vessel (SOV), constructed at Damen’s shipbuilding yard in Romania.

After sea trials, the 90 m long, 20 m wide, and having 4.6 m of draught diesel-electric Bibby WaveMaster 1 will as of August support offshore wind farm construction as well as oil & mining projects in the North Sea.

The SOV is built specifically for the transfer and accommodation of offshore personnel, having among many six elevator landings for technicians to directly access the gangway from the ship’s warehouse areas (incl. two container storages, also for high cube boxes). In addition, the Bibby WaveMaster 1 has a helideck, a daughter craft, and CTV landings with refuelling. The vessel is able to remain at sea up to one month at a time.

Moreover, a range of other options is available for the SOV to undertake other tasks, such as an additional 24 tn lifting capacity deck crane, tanks arrangements suited to liquids such as glycols and low flashpoint liquids with separate delivery intakes, as well as facilities for dive support and remotely operated underwater vehicle operations.

"This is an important key milestone in the delivery of the vessel. Sea trials will start soon and we will take delivery in August. We are very impressed with the quality of the build and the whole process has gone smoothly," Stephen Blaikie, Bibby Marine Services' CEO, said.

Peter Robert, Director Business Development & Market Intelligence at Damen, added, “I am honestly convinced that Damen has designed and built the best vessel for the tasks envisaged and which is going to be available on the market as of end of August this year. The combination of Damen and Bibby brings together a significant amount of knowledge, which has resulted in some impressive innovation. Carrying out the integrated hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator analyses of the vessel dynamic positioning and gangway systems in a time domain simulation with the actual controllers connected to it proves, in real life conditions, safe operations in the 2.5 metre wave Hs required by the tenders – the only vessel currently able to achieve this in fact. Based on this the ship-owner can guarantee site specific vessel performance and safe operations.”

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