Published: 2020-02-14

Capbreton goes green

Technology Capbreton goes green

Photo: Torqeedo

The popular holiday destination on the Atlantic coast of France saw its first all-electric passenger ferry go into service in July 2019, replacing an older diesel-burning vessel.

The 35-passenger aluminium vessel, called e-Boucarot, is powered by an integrated electric propulsion system developed by Torqeedo. It consists of two 10 kW electric outboards and four 48V 5 kWh lithium batteries with helm controls and display.

Top speed of the 10 m aluminum catamaran clocks in at eight knots, but the ferry usually cruises at three knots around the harbour, the most efficient pace. Estimated running time between recharging at berth is 20 hours.

According to Loys Leclercq, naval architect responsible for the design of the boat, environmental consciousness played a major part during the development process. Aluminium was chosen as the hull material, as it can be fully recycled when one day the ferry completes its last trip. The catamaran hull form on the other hand improves efficiency by reducing water resistance. Air and water pollution, as well as noise levels, have been reduced to zero thanks to the propulsion system provided by Torqeedo.

Jean-Claude Ollivier, Deputy Head, Port of Capbreton, said, "The new solar boat is a popular attraction on the Capbreton waterfront. Our passengers love the experience of gliding silently and smoothly through the harbour under electric power when commuting or touring the harbour."

Dr Christoph Ballin, Co-Founder and CEO, Torqeedo, added, "In cities around the world, we see a movement to replace older fuel-burning boats with modern electric boats on urban waterways. Not only does it help reduce pollution, but passengers also enjoy their on-water experience with no noise or smelly exhaust fumes, and it saves money for operators in terms of fuel and maintenance costs."

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