Published: 2019-11-04

All aboard the "beer train"

Ports & terminals All aboard the

Photo: AB InBev

AB InBev, the Belgian manufacturer of Stella Artois beer, will organize the majority of its transportations in the Port of Antwerp by train.

The new train route is an initiative of AB InBev and Katoen Natie, the warehouse where the trains are loaded with Stella Artois, and thanks to partners Lineas and DP World.

The new train connection to DP World removes 47 containers and thus 47 truck journeys by train. Added to the 15,000 containers that AB InBev already transported to Kaai 1742 MPET via an existing train connection in 2019, this brings the total for 2020 to 20,000 containers, and by extension - trucks, less on the Antwerp ring road. That means less pressure on the road network, 440,000 fewer kilometers traveled on the track and a saving of 75% CO2.

"From Belgium, the Home of Beer, we want our beers to reach beer lovers worldwide, but in a sustainable way. Together with Katoen Natie and other partners, we make this modal shift possible", said Alexander Soenen, Brewery Director, Stella Artois.

It is unique that a container train is used for a direct connection between a warehouse and a specific quay. Usually this transport takes place with stops in terminals or shunting stations. "At the request of AB InBev, DP World (quay management) and we have started looking at a specific route to quay 1700. That new train connection will replace all existing freight transport on that route and thus take 5000 trucks off the road in 2020. This testifies of a strong sustainable long-term commitment", commented Bob Van de Vondel, Katoen Natie.

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