Published: 2019-10-30

A new terminal launches in Gdańsk

Ports & terminals A new terminal launches in Gdańsk

Photo: Port of Gdansk

The facility, set up by Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa (KSC) at the expense of about €23.2m, will take care of the company's sugar exports, estimated at over 300kt/year.

The terminal is located within Gdańsk's Inner Port, on  the Wiślane Quay. Spanning across 3.0 ha of land, it comprises a 50kt-big silo and a 12 m-tall warehouse that can take up to 8.0kt. Both the terminal's receipt and dispatch capacities amount to 3.0kt/day.

Before exporting, sugar will be packed into big-bags either for direct stowage inside break-bulk vessels or further into containers.

"Our own terminal eliminates the requirement to hire storage space at third-party warehouses, which will cut down our costs significantly. [KSC] seeks not only to maintain its current domestic and global customer base, but also to acquire new customers, previously difficult to reach due to sea shipping constraints," Krzysztof Kowa, President of KSC’s Management Board, underlined.

He also highlighted, "In the years to come, Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. plans to manufacture one million tonne of sugar per year, approximately 30% of which will be exports outside the European Union. [...] Sugar consumption has remained stable in Europe for many years. To be competitive on the market where sugar consumption is growing, notably in Asia and Africa, we need our own handling terminal."

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