Published: 2019-12-09

World’s most powerful all-electric clean-up boat

Technology World’s most powerful all-electric clean-up boat

Photo: Torqeedo

Torqeedo will supply the engine and battery for the Waste Cleaner 66. The vessel, designed for waste removal in inland waterways and harbours, will be unveiled by EFINOR's Sea Cleaner subsidiary at the International Nautic Boat Show in Paris-Porte de Versailles.

The ship is powered by a Torqeedo 25kW Deep Blue motor with a 40 kWh Deep Blue battery, which provides up to eight hours of operating time at a cleaning speed of two knots.

The 20 ft. aluminum boat, built at EFINOR's shipyard in Paimpol, can retrieve up to 500 kg of solid waste and 1k liters of liquid waste, including hydrocarbons like oil or fuel spills. The system automatically separates water and hydrocarbons to eliminate emulsification.

Waste Cleaner 66 is designed for operation in inland waterways, harbours and coastal waters, including jetties and tight corners where access is difficult. The platform can conduct suction at halt or when moving, either forward or in reverse. It can be trailered for road transport and has a single point of lifting for easy launching and recovery.

Benjamin Lerondeau, CEO, EFINOR Sea Cleaner, said, "Our teams have worked closely with Torqeedo's engineers to create a highly efficient climate-neutral platform that meets the needs of harbours and marinas to maintain clean water while reducing their environmental impact."

Dr. Christoph Ballin, CEO, Torqeedo, offered further praise for the vessel, "The Waste Cleaner 66 boat is an ideal platform for electrification. The Deep Blue electric motor provides the low-speed torque and maneuverability needed to capture debris from the water while emitting no noise or exhaust fumes. We are getting substantial interest in electric power from other trash-removing vessel operators around the world."

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