Published: 2017-02-09

Valenciaport: 4,722,273 TEU handled in 2016 (+2.3% yoy)

Market SMS Valenciaport: 4,722,273 TEU handled in 2016 (+2.3% yoy)

Both containerized imports and exports increased by 5.0% year-on-year, to a total of 1,105,978 TEU and 1,105,438 TEU, respectively.

Transit box traffic rose as well, by 0.1% yoy to 2,510,857 TEU.

Overall, total 2016 freight turnover at the three ports managed by Valenciaport – Valencia, Sagunto, and Gandía – amounted to 71.28 mln tn (+2.0% yoy).

Out of the total figure, containerised cargo rose by 3.0% yoy to nearly 53.79 mln tn.

Combined volumes of ro-ro traffic and break-bulk decreased by 0.8% yoy to 10.75 mln tn. However, the former advanced by 4.3% yoy to 8.91 mln tn. In addition, Valencia and Sagunto handled 774,708 vehicles, more by 12.4% yoy.

Handlings of liquids closed last year with a decrease of 0.3% yoy, totalling 3.80 mln tn.

Dry bulk also contracted – by 7.7% yoy to 2.48 mln tn.

As for Valenciaport’s main cargo flows directions, trade with other Spanish ports came first last year with 8.48 mln tn (+5.0% yoy), followed by China (+17.0% yoy to 6.76 mln tn), Algeria (-2.8% yoy to 5.63 mln tn), Italy (-3.1% yoy to 4.88 mln tn) and the US (-0.5% yoy to 4.37 mln tn).

On the passenger side, a total of 908,145 travellers went through Valencia’s quays (+21.4% yoy), out of which 504,881 came on-board ferries (+35.2% yoy), while the remaining 403,264 on cruise ships (+7.7% yoy).


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