Published: 2017-08-23

Ukrainian seaports: 76.2 mln tn handled in I-VII 2017 (+3.3% yoy)

Market SMS Ukrainian seaports: 76.2 mln tn handled in I-VII 2017 (+3.3% yoy)

Exports totalled 58.1 mln tn (+3.6% year-on-year), followed by imports - 10.9 mln tn (+18.8% yoy), transits - 6.5 mln tn (+3.1% yoy), and coastal traffic - 700 thou. tn (-66.1% yoy).

Increased grain handlings (+17% yoy to 22.3 mln tn) were the main driver behind the rise in export traffic. The turnover of vegetable oils and construction materials rose as well - by 32% yoy and 50% yoy to 3.3 mln tn and 2.6 mln tn, respectively. However, exports of ores went down by 8.2% yoy to 13.3 mln tn, while of metals and metal products - by 9% down to 7.9 mln tn.

The rise in transit traffic was chiefly driven by coal shipments - up by 112% yoy to 2.4 mln tn. Turnover of metals increased here by 2.5% yoy to 200 thou. tn.

With 54.9 mln tn (+6.6% yoy), dry bulk accounted for the majority of Ukrainian seaports' freight throughput in the reported period. Liquids advanced by 7.6% yoy to 6.5 mln tn.


Container trade totalled 346,500 TEU (+4.7% yoy), out of which 173,200 TEU were imported (+4.8% yoy) 152,300 TEU exported (+2.5% yoy), 19,900 TEU made in transit (+26.9% yoy) and the remaining 1,000 TEU in coastal traffic (-24.2% yoy).


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