Published: 2017-04-05

Tallinn’s digitalization and environmental protection, HR E-Zine 1/2017

Tallinn’s digitalization and environmental protection, HR E-Zine 1/2017

Our seaport, situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, is one of Europe’s busiest passenger and commercial ports, surrounded by large residential communities. It enjoys a favourable location for passengers and cargo, but on the other hand it must constantly focus on its ecological footprint, as well as on the effects port activities have on local citizens. New technologies and solutions are of great help in this matter.

The digital revolution has changed oureveryday lives, creating new possibilities for individuals and businesses.

For instance, process digitalization and quick development of smart devices, not to mention mobile connections available virtually everywhere, make many everyday activities more convenient, improve availability of public services and – which is very important in our view – create necessary conditions for significant simplifications of processes, which in turn lead to efficiency increases.

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