Published: 2017-12-19

Season's greetings

Ports & terminals Season's greetings

Dear Readers of the Baltic Transport Journal and the Harbours Review. This year is heading towards its conclusion, and boy, it's doing it in a style!

Last week, on December 12th, our Editor-in-Chief, Przemek Myszka, was chosen as the winner in the supply chain category during the annual Journalist Awards international competition organised by the London-based Seahorse Club.

It's hard to express in words how great it was to receive this recognition of our bee-like hard work done here - in Northern Poland and the Baltic Sea region - for you, our readers and supporters across the whole of Europe and the world. Thanks!

You can find the prizewinning article, Dumb, dark, and disconnected. Addressing waste efficiency in the supply chain with technology, right under the following link >>>

Yet, the passing year has brought many more things we can be proud of. Here is BTJ's & HR's 2017 in a nutshell:

  • We've upgraded the Baltic Transport Maps portal to European Transport Maps. Now you can find the networks of regular ro-ro & ferry, sea container, and intermodal services going Europe-wide - click here >>> to explore the new portal's possibilities.
  • Six issues of the Baltic Transport Journal ( in five printed, as well as online editions. That's 424 pages (!) with 129 articles (!!), not counting (!!!) other goodies, like the Transport miscellany stories (a section, which we know is one of the dearest to your hearts).
  • Five e-zines of the Harbours Review with 22 articles and 24 expert voices, plus two printed editions - all in all that's 96 digital pages of top notch stuff, along with an additional 172 for those who love the paper rustle.
  • The 172 page big Baltic Yearbook, covering almost every nook and cranny of the region's port-related transport & logistics business (with at least one voice from the industry referring to it as that book).
  • Maps, maps, maps - port, ro-ro & ferry, container, bulk - printed and digital, small and XL, you name it!
  • 60+ BTJ, as well as 30+ HR e-newsletters with a round-up of the latest from across the Baltic and European transport & logistics domain. Highly clicked!
  • A gazillion (more or less) of news and market smses on both of our webpages - always essentially edited, so that you get the maximum info in the most easily digestible serving size.
  • Another zillion of conferences, trade fairs, seminars, etc., we've attended, helped to set up, conducted, wrote agendas for, made a summary of, and so on and so forth. E-mails and telephones are OK, but seeing you in person is priceless!

Our BTJ & HR plans for 2018 are already ironed out in their media kits, which you can find here (BTJ >>>), as well as here (HR >>>).

Meanwhile, we're wishing you a beautiful holiday season! See y'all next year!

The BTJ & HR team xxx


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