Published: 2018-01-24

Russian seaports: 786.97mt handled in 2017 (+9% yoy)

Market SMS Russian seaports: 786.97mt handled in 2017 (+9% yoy)

Last year, the Azov-Black Sea (+10.4% year-on-year to 269.5mt) became the country's biggest trading basin, surpassing the Baltic's long-lasting dominance (+4.6% yoy to 247.5mt).

Out of the 786.97mt total, the turnover of liquids made 414mt (+7.2% yoy), including 253.2mt of crude oil (+11.1% yoy), 141.5mt of oil products (+0.5% yoy), and 14.7mt of liquefied gas (+8.8% yoy).

Dry bulk and general cargo handlings accounted for the remaining 372.9mt (+11.1% yoy). Here coal transhipment dominated the breakdown, rising by 13.4% yoy to 154.4mt. It was followed by 48.2mt of containerised cargo (+13% yoy), 47.8mt of grains (+34.7% yoy), 28.2mt of ferrous metals (-0.1% yoy), 17.6mt of mineral fertilizers (+9.2% yoy), and 3.1mt of refrigerated freight (-0.3% yoy).

Apart from the Azov-Black and Baltic seas, Russian ports of the Far East basin made 191.7mt (+3.3% yoy). Arctic ports handled an additional 74.2mt (+49.1% yoy), while Caspian 3.9mt (-34.1% yoy).



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