Published: 2017-02-14

Quo vadis, containers?, HR E-Zine 2/2016

Quo vadis, containers?, HR E-Zine 2/2016

Quo vadis, containers? TOC Europe 2016 - summary and thoughts, Harbours Review E-Zine 2/2016, pgs. 3-4, by Przemysław Myszka.

In the past, it seemed that containerization was on a golden path of development.

The 1990s and the few first years of the new millennium were bursting with consumer confidence, economies were growing, trade flourished, and box handling facilities got embroiled in congestion.

In such an environment, container carriers filled shipyards’ order books with ever growing box vessels.

It all came to a sudden halt when another US-born crisis struck the world with enormous waves.

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