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Port of Rauma


Hakunintie 19
FIN-26100 Rauma

+358 2 834 4712

Located on the Finnish west coast, the city of Rauma is well known for its paper and maritime industry. Its harbour is the fifth biggest in the country, handling around 6 mln tn of cargo every year. With a total of 20 berths, the port offers multipurpose facilities for import, export and transit traffic. Dominant export cargo types include – in addition to paper, cardboard and pulp – also products of the chemical and metal industries. Raw materials and chemicals for the wood processing industry are some of the import freights. The Port of Rauma is widely acclaimed for its expertise in handling high and heavy items and project shipments.

Thanks to the modern fleet of mobile cranes, heavy cargos of up to 200 tn can be loaded and unloaded on 10 berths. With ships cranes there are no weight limits on quays and yards. Ro-ro and sto-ro traffic is concentrated in the Hakuni Harbour part. The Petäjäs area is reserved for dry bulk cargoes. Liquid shipments are handled in two terminals of the chemical harbour in the northern part of the port and the oil harbour in the south, while conventional lo-lo traffic is served in the Laitsaari area and at the central quay.

The sheltered location of the harbour ensures ideal conditions for both sea and land traffic. The new harbour road provides quick access to the Finnish highway network. The rail line between Rauma and Kokemäki, carrying about 3 mln tonnes of freight each year, is a part of the Finnish trunk railway. Moreover, Rauma is connected with several other European, North American and Asian ports through regular liner services.


L Baltic Tank Ltd
D BASF CC Finland Oy
D Chemec Oy
C Euroports Rauma Oy (Container Terminal)
R Euroports Rauma Oy (Hakuni harbour)
B Euroports Rauma Oy (Laitsaari)
D Euroports Rauma Oy (Petäjäs)
L Forlogistics Oy
L Kiilto Oy
L Rauma Terminal Services Oy
D Suomen Viljava

Key strengths:

Total port area 1,548.3 ha
Land area 115 ha
Of which rentable sites n. 67 h
Water depth 11 m
Total quay length 3233 m
No. of quays 20 berths


  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 5.52 mln tn 5.8 mln tn -4.8%
Dry bulk 214.83 thou. tn 204.68 thou. tn +5%
Liquids 334.52 thou. tn 305.8 thou. tn +9.4%
General cargo 4.97 mln tn 5.29 mln tn -6.05%
incl.  Containers 277.94 thou. TEU 258.81 thou. TEU +7.4%
 Ro-ro 2.37 thou. tn 2.64 thou. tn -10.3%
Pax - - -
Ship calls 1.12 thou. 1.2 thou. -6.7%
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