Published: 2019-10-08

Port of Rotterdam launches 'Boxinsider'

Technology Port of Rotterdam launches 'Boxinsider'

Photo: Port of Rotterdam

The application allows shippers and freight forwarders for real-time tracking of the containers.

Most shippers, freight forwarders and other users still collect information manually from a range of websites about where their containers are located. That is time-consuming and error-prone, possibly leading to planning errors which may result in costly consequences.

'Boxinsider' draws on status information from container vessels and inland and deep-sea terminals, it can track containers, and determine expected and actual arrival and departure times for vessels, as well as container unloading and departures at container terminals. Users are warned about any delays or disruptions. The solution works as a stand-alone application but it can also be integrated with existing systems using a link.

Allard Castelein, CEO, Port of Rotterdam, said, "When I order a book online, I can almost follow the package live. Boxinsider, we are now presenting a similar solution for containers. By developing digital applications, we are making our port even more efficient, safer and more reliable (…)."

ABC Logistics were among the 'launching customers' and praised the ease of use of the application.

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