Port of Oxelösund

Company name:

Oxelösunds Hamn AB


P.O. Box 26
Skeppargatan 28
SE-613 21 Oxelösund

+46 155 25 80 00

With a depth of 16.5 m, Oxelösund is one of the few places in the Baltic Sea which can accommodate the largest vessels crossing eastbound in the Danish straits.

Located close to the E4 motorway on the Stockholm-Helsingborg section and to Highway 53 towards Eskilstuna, Oxelösund is also rail-linked all the way down to its quayside, ensuring swift cargo operations to, from and within the harbour.

To meet the growing bulk transhipment demand, the port authority significantly increased Oxelösund’s capacity in recent years by investing in two 45-tn cable-cranes, equipped to handle all types of freight. With 17 m 3 hydraulic grapples and 4-wired 25-tn buckets every imaginable bulk product can be handled. Recently, the Port of Oxelösund invested in railway-connected warehouses, too. 

As such, across the quay sections 3-8 (589 m long, 8-9.7 m deep), the port can handle dry bulk vessels up to 10,000 dwt in coastal traffic, however, the harbour’s depth at this quay section makes it possible to receive vessels even up to 150,000 dwt.

Nevertheless, port operations are as efficient as high dockers’ skills are. Therefore, the port operates in a horizontal, group-based organisation in which everyone is involved in day-to-day management, works in close collaboration with one another, all together cultivating the port’s business spirit. The team has in total 200 employees and continuously develops by means of vocational and internal training.

Oxelösund is a safe and efficient company that applies mutual respect to meet customers’ expectations. It uses the best work methods available to achieve the highest safety and efficiency levels, and always analyses and improves the port’s operations. The port makes the best possible use of its resources through production planning, and – as the port’s CEO, Erik Zetterlund, says – the company, “Is focused on doing the right things in the right way.”

“We want to be the Baltic’s leading port terminal, with Europe’s best stevedoring services. To achieve this, we must offer the right services, but even more importantly – we must work in the right way. It is about creating trust and reassurance, and showing our customers that we are a significant part of their transport chain. Our engagement in their business must be just as great as if it were our own,” Erik summed up Oxelösund’s present and future focus.



L Liquid Port
D Dry bulk
D Dry bulk
B Steel port
Total port area:  n/a
Land area:  n/a
Of which rentable sites:  n/a
Water depth: 16.5 m
Total quay length: 1,382 m
No. of quays: 4

Year 2015

Dry bulk 3.86 mln tn
Liquids 1.14 mln tn
General cargo 0.86 mln tn
TOTAL 5.86 mln tn
Ro-ro cargo units 3,000
TEU 17,000


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