Published: 2017-05-29

Port of Hamburg: 35.4 mln tn handled in Q1 2017 (+1.7% yoy)

Market SMS Port of Hamburg: 35.4 mln tn handled in Q1 2017 (+1.7% yoy)

Containerised cargo totalled 23.1 mln tn in the reported period (-0.7% year-on-year), followed by dry & liquid bulk (+6.7% yoy to 12.2 mln tn), and break-bulk & ro-ro (-22% yoy to 324 thou. tn).

Exports of containerised freight amounted to 11.9 mln tn in Q1 2017 (+3.4% yoy), while imports added the remaining 11.2 mln tn (-4.7% yoy).

Hamburg's container traffic decreased by 0.7% yoy to 2.2 mln TEU, out of which laden boxes accounted for the bulk of the total throughput with 1.9 mln TEU (+0.04% yoy), empty containers dropping on the other hand by 4.9% yoy to 307 thou. TEU.

Despite contracting by 2.0% yoy to 637 thou. TEU, China remains the port's main container trade partner. With 120 thou. TEU (+15.6% yoy) Russia is second, and the US third (+5.5% yoy to 89 thou. TEU). Other trades include among others Malaysia (+0.4% yoy to 76 thou. TEU), the UK and Sweden (+2.8% yoy and +4.0% yoy, respectively, both to 66 thou. TEU), as well as Australia/Pacific (+19.9% yoy to 13 thou. TEU).

Hamburg's Q1 2017 bulk turnover is broken down into 6.4 mln tn (+18% yoy) of the so-called grab cargo (e.g. coal, coke, and ore), 3.5 mln tn (-5.9% yoy) of liquids, as well as 2.3 mln tn (+0.4% yoy) of suction cargo (like grains).

A total of 11.6 mln tn of freight came in or went out the port on rails (+0.4% yoy). Railborne container traffic summed up to 587 thou. TEU (+0.4% yoy).

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