Published: 2017-07-25

Port of Dunkirk: 46.7 mln tn handled in 2016 (+0.3% yoy)

Market SMS Port of Dunkirk: 46.7 mln tn handled in 2016 (+0.3% yoy)

With 22.1 mln tn (+1% year-on-year), dry bulk handlings accounted for nearly half of the French seaport’s total freight turnover last year.

Out of the total 22.1 mln tn, 11.5 mln tn (ore and coke) went through Dunkirk port to ArcelorMittal steel works. Coal added 5.4 mln tn (+6% yoy), followed by 2.8 mln tn of grains (-8% yoy), as well as 2.4 mln tn (+9% yoy) of other dry bulk (incl. slag, cement, scrap metal, sand, aggregate, alumina, and petroleum coke).

General cargo noted a drop by 1% yoy to 20.3 mln tn. Ferry traffic reached 16.0 mln tn (-2% yoy). A total of 680 thou. (-2% yoy) trucks and trailers were handled. Altogether 2.92 mln (-9% yoy) passengers were brought on-board ferries, along with 751 thou. pax cars (-8% yoy).

On the other hand, Dunkirk’s container traffic advanced by 7% yoy – both in terms of TEU volumes (341,041 twenty-foot boxes), and tonnage (3.15 mln tn). A total of 20 thou. and 10 thou. TEU were shipped using inland waterways and railways, respectively.

Break-bulk decreased by 6% yoy to 1.2 mln tn.

The turnover of liquids rose by 2% yoy to 4.3 mln tn, including 3.8 mln tn (+2% yoy) of oil and oil products, and 0.5 mln tn (+5% yoy) of other liquid bulk goods (i.a. oils, chemicals, industrial alcohols). Additionally, Dunkirk’s LNG terminal welcomed its first three shipments last year, totalling 193 thou. tn.

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