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Autorita Portuale di Genova


Ponte dei Mille
16126 Genova

+39 0100 898 300

The universal Port of Genoa, located in the Italian part of the Ligurian Sea, functions both as the southern European gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa and to the Far East as well as the focal point of the EU Rhine-Alpine Core Network Corridor.

Handling approx. 50 mln tn of freight and almost 2 mln TEU per year, the Port of Genoa is Italy’s 1st and 2nd biggest port, respectively. The port spans over a 22 km coastline, encompassing around 700 ha of land. There are 25 specialized terminals in Genoa suitably equipped to handle all types of cargo as well as to serve passenger traffic. There are over 150 regular liner services linking the port with the rest of the world.


P Porte Andrea Doria
P Ponte dei Mille
R P Calata Chiapella
R P Ponte Caracciolo
R Ponte Asserto
C Voltri Terminal Europa – Pra Distripark Europa
C SECH – Terminal Contenori di Genova
R C Messina Terminal
D B Genoa Metal Terminal (GMT)
R Industrie Rebora – Genoa Port Terminal
B R Terminal San Giorgio
B Terminal Frutta Genova
B Fo.Re.S.T. Terminal
R C Gruppo Grendi
R C Centro Smistamento Merci (CSM)
L Silomar Terminal
L SAAR Depositi Portuali
L Sampierdarena Olii
L Porto Petroli di Genova (Multedo)
D Rolcim
D Terminal Rinfuse Italia
L Getoil
L Petrolig/ENI
Total port area 700 ha
Land area 200 ha
Of which rentable sites n/a
Water depth 8-15 m
Total quay length 30 km
No. of quays n/a
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 51.94 mln tn 49.54 mln tn +4.8%
Dry bulk 3.78 mln tn 4.01 mln tn -5.7%
Liquids 17.92 mln tn 17.93 mln tn -0.01%
General cargo 30.24 mln tn 27.65 mln tn +9.4%
incl.  Containers 2.17 mln TEU 1.99 mln tn +9%
 Ro-ro 8.59 mln tn 8.27 mln tn +3.9%
Pax 2.74 mln tn 2.9 mln tn -5.5%
Ship calls 12 thou. 12.14 thou. -1.2%
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