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Gävle Hamn AB


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Handling around 5 mln tn of cargo each year, the east coast Port of Gävle is one of top 10 Swedish ports, and thanks to 200,000 TEU handled yearly the no. 1 container harbour in the region and Sweden’s no. 3 overall.

Gävle’s eight different terminals handle around 1,000 ship calls per year, serving chiefly the wood & steel industries, but also liquids for e.g. Stockholm’s international airport Arlanda. Each day 20 trains leave the port, carrying goods all around Sweden. The port has now a new and deeper fairway, allowing to host ships with a beam of 42 m and a draught of 12.2 m. Tripling the channel’s width not only made it possible to receive larger ships (up to 100,000 tn) for the benefit of regional industries, but also eliminated difficulties caused by poor weather conditions and enabled night calls.

The port features one sea container terminal, Gävle Container Terminal, as well as two kombi terminals for further rail shipments – the CombiTerminal Fredriksskans and CombiTerminal Granudden, the latter being Sweden’s second largest rail terminal in terms of boxes handled annually (80,000 TEU last year).

Over the next three years the port will grow by more than 300,000 sqm, incl. new quays and freight handling areas. Major investments are being made in new warehouses, railways and other cargo handling facilities – all to reach the goal of doubling goods turnover by 2018.


B Bulk Terminal
C Container Terminal
L Oil Terminal



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