Fredericia Port (ADP)

Company name:

Associated Danish Ports A/S


Centerhavn 13-17
7000 Fredericia

+45 7921 5000

Associated Danish Ports is a public limited company established on the 1st of January 2000 which owns and operates ports in Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart. Port of Federica is the biggest of the three with 585,000 sqm of harbour area which will be supplemented by another 55,000 (new hinterland) and 15.000 (new quay 19) in the future. The water depth in the port is 15 m. Fredericia has 60,000 sqm reserved for container handlings and several ro-ro berths. The main commodities handled in the port are boxes, feedstuff, grain, ro-ro traffic, road salt, steel products and liquid bulk.

The port is still developing and so far it has expanded its weekly container sailing to/from some of Europe’s strongest nodes from one to six achieving a strong position on the market. In 2011, the Port of Fredericia featured container handlings on the level of 63,000 TEU. Fredericia is currently extending its container handling area to ensure optimal transport conditions for Southern Denmark. This includes expanding Quay 19, increasing its water depth to 15 m, an extra 15,000 sqm container area close to the wharf and a new mobile crane of 125 tn lifting power. Further development of 40,000 sqm is also being planned, allowing the port to become more dynamic and flexible.


C Container Terminal
P Cruise Quay
R DFDS RO/RO Terminal
D Fredericia Bulk Terminal
L D B R C Fredericia Shipping A/S
B General Cargo Terminal
D Jyllands-Terminalen
L Liquid Bulk Terminal
L B R C P Maersk Broker
D B Thomas Wang A/S
B WaterWay Shipping
Total port area 585,000 m2
Land area n/a
Of which rentable sites n/a
Water depth 15 m
Total quay length 350 m
No. of quays 3
  2014 2013 YOY 2014/2013
TOTAL 9.4 mln tn 10.65 mln tn -11.7%
Dry bulk 966 thou. tn 1.08 mln tn -10.6%
Liquids 7.17 mln tn 8.4 mln tn -14.6%
General cargo 1.25 mln tn 1.17 mln tn +6.8%
incl.  Containers 84.7 thou. TEU 67.87 thou. TEU +24.8%
 Ro-ro 293 thou. tn 323 thou. -9.3%
Pax 1.9 thou. - -
Ship calls - - -
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