Published: 2017-04-05

One stop LNG shop, HR E-Zine 1/2017

One stop LNG shop, HR E-Zine 1/2017

Year by year, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) grabs a firmer foothold across the maritime industry. However, the demand issue from the side of the shipping business is still a major puzzle, a case-by-case affair in contrast to traditional offshore tanking services, making an investment in a bunkering barge an adventurous enterprise. Why then not address the problem the other way round – by adding extra features to the barge concept, rather than reading the shipping demand cards?


This has led us at Kanfer Shipping to combine the small-scale solutions for bunkering, distribution and floating terminalin one place.

The idea is based on an American articulated tug barge (ATB), which is fairly popular in the United States, as some 500 of them are currently up & running between US harbours.

They are universal and serve a variety of shipping segments, be it containers, break-bulk, as well as petrochemical products (ATBs have been used by all the oil big players for years now).

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